Who benefits from this type of massage

Almost everyone benefits from this massage. 


It is perfect for the sports/active person who wishes to maintain the health of their body.


The general public of all ages also benefits to relieve everyday pain and discomfort caused by tension in the body.


Older clients who suffer from arthritic joint pain or fluid retention in the joints.

Clients who have been diagnosed with motor neurone disease as it eases the pain as the joints become stiff. It also prolongs movement in the muscles. People who suffer from anxiety disorders, depression, Alzheimers disease, and dementia,



People who have large muscle bulk as a therapists hands often aren’t enough to get deep enough to create an impact.

People who need a massage on the go: warm-up massage before competing or cool down massage after competing to help aid the movement of lactic acid.Infrared vibration massager knock massager Massager with infrared & percussion massage hammer knock