Which massage hammer suits me.

Massage hammers have been around for centuries made originally from bone, timber, metal and now today in plastic with a rotatory vibratory motor. They also include an infrared lamp which is very useful.

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Three different types available to buy on the internet

They come in all different weights, shape’s and sizes and prices and through my work I can help to advise you on which would suit you best.

Once there was a time when massage hammers could only be used by professionals who had studied Physiatrics (studies of the body and using mechanical tools) but with the rise of the internet anyone can buy them and use them.

I wish to help you choose wisely, and use it safely to enhance your body function and ease aching muscles on yourself and on others.

Look at answers for the following questions;


You need to decide what type of body/muscle mass you or your client has?  1. or 2.


and what amount of stress do you put your muscles through? 

The first Question; What type of muscle mass do you have? This refers to the difference between treating;

1. A slim thin frame for example of an elderly person/slim person who has fallen and has a sore shoulder/hip/leg or a slim child who has strained his calf muscle playing soccer. This is low muscle bulk.This dolphin hammer is more suitable for this type of client.

2. Refers to an athlete who has medium to large muscle bulk of that of a football player, boxer, cyclist, swimmer, runner, triathlete, to being a weightlifter.

1.If you are more likely to be slim/have low fat/muscle content the smaller, for example, dolphin hammer suits best as it is not too heavy to hold and it does not penetrate too deep to cause discomfort or injury. If a smaller hammer has an infrared lamp this is better still as it relaxes and heats the muscle your working on. It is also better only to have one head as opposed to two as there is a less surface area between the bone structures.

The second larger body type number 2, would get more relief from a heavier, bigger hammer with the addition of the infrared lamp. I have found it easier and more effective if it only has one ball head as it is to find the exact location to treat muscle pain rather than guessing with the double headed hammer. It is not as precise. The muscle layers towards the top have to be relaxed first, avoiding all bone structures to be able to vibrate through to relax underlying muscles.

If the muscles are trained hard every week it is advisable to use this heavier hammer to clear out lactic acid regularly, to aid the breakdown of muscle fibres and scar tissue.


 This keeps the muscle healthier and helps it to be nourished, by increasing blood supply yet also decreasing the amount of lactic acid stored in the muscle.


When this occurs the muscles feel lighter, perform for longer/less muscle fatigue.The muscles also recover faster and rebuilds the muscle fibres without causing knots, hard tension or the presence of scar tissue thus –

An altogether healthier muscle.

I hope this information is helpful in choosing a suitable massage hammer to suit your needs, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any queries.




Just a note, I will be adding tutorials on using the massage hammer in the next few weeks with the help of a great educational website Wealthy Affiliate.