Understanding Yourself along with Understanding Wealthy Affiliate.


Healthily Reviewing Wealthy Affiliate along with Yourself.


Last week I wrote a little about Wealthy Affiliate and how to understand and relate it to your own life and this week, I want to expand on this topic as I feel sometimes when we venture into something new it can be daunting at first and we all need a little confidence boost to keep us moving forward in a positive way.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can do a lot of things such as…build your own website, run your own business, gain confidence and knowledge in all aspects of internet marketing,

but today I want to concentrate on the introduction of its lessons to get started the easy way.

I mentioned in my last page about the ‘Dashboard’ and what W.A presented to the public.

I finished by asking the questions

What are you made up of?

What do you present or show the public?

Is there something you know you can show but don’t know how?

What have you learned already that you want/can share with others?

Could you make money from it?

Where are you comfortable?

I want to explore answers to these questions and use Wealthy Affiliate as a template/model as I feel you can grow along together with a business if you grasp the concept/model and connect with each other.

What we are made up of is a mixture of genes which we receive from our parents and ancestors. These can be both helpful or a hindrance. Our looks, personality, behavior, habits, interests, beliefs etc; the list is endless. Yet some people forget to make the break from historic and genetic influences by failing to alter and develop on these inherited impressions and beliefs. Learning from personal experiences helps us to develop our own thoughts and allows each of us to become more complete in ourselves. If one fails to develop and grow it may lead to a sense of not knowing yourself fully, feeling a little lost, feeling you can accomplish more but not knowing how, or being unaware of where change is needed to succeed and to feel contented, even excited, in/for ourselves and in our lives.

I believe reflecting on what we do and

Take time to reflect and think

how we do it is a great starting point, however, I realize making time to reflect may seem like a luxury, considering our busy schedules. We therefore, don’t always make time to do this and it may lead to regrets in the future.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson have had to adapt, update/modernize their site with the constant changing future of the internet world and I believe we as people have to do the same in our personal world, so that we too are clear on what direction we wish to take and what future we would wish to help create.

At Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson use web designers, plug-ins that support/help their websites and ours, support from the technical room and community knowledge, to help us create that site that’s modern, current, fresh and personal. We can present our knowledge and a profile of ourselves confidently to the public. Our aim is to succeed, make money, feel satisfied and proud.

There is help from W.A on every little step we take so that we never feel stuck, frustrated or alone. Every piece of help brings you a little further on in your development and in the development of the site, so progress occurs.

If we as people use this process (along with the support of family and friends) on ourselves, might we also find it easier to progress in our personal lives?

Do we need to modernize our ancestral rooted thoughts, our preconceived ideas and beliefs? Do we need to change,

Take a look at yourself

update or even get rid of some ‘plug-ins’ that once helped define us but now we have realized that they are outdated and no longer needed?  Or have they always been just a touch faulty?

Do we also need to nourish, expand and protect the ‘good plug-ins’ we have inherited or become more aware of them?  Do they need boosting up to give us more?

Can we have created our own traits/plug-ins that need extra work? Can we ask for help easily and not feel as if we have failed, that we are not smart enough, or that we understood something, but from a different perspective?

All these questions are important as this is where we may become lost and feel fearful in ourselves, with others and in life. It may hold anyone back.

We are the way we are, but to make progress we do need adjusting now and again otherwise there is no movement, development or change. If at first you don’t succeed don’t try and try again: try something different!

We all have one life and we shouldn’t waste it dwelling too long on ourselves or on the past. We should certainly stop, and examine it,

Have a peek at how you think you act 


create changes and put a plan in place as to what direction we want to go. In other words slow down, pay attention, reflect honestly and enjoy the rewarding benefits of it. We are all different and it’s a good thing. We are unique individuals in this crazy world together! One for all and all for one yet being strong, loving, confident and at one with each other.

When people feel this, they may accomplish whatever they want, feeling contented and comfortable.


This is me, Sinead, at Wealthy Affiliate.

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5 thoughts on “Understanding Yourself along with Understanding Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Hi there! I just finished reading your very interesting article here about understand yourself and Wealthy Affiliate. I think you touched on some very interesting and valid points here and just wanted to drop you a few lines to share my thoughts.

    I think that we all go though a lot of changes throughout our lives. But I don’t think I have gone through so many internal changes as in the last couple of years of starting my own online business. You are right in what you are saying in this article. We must all evolve and adapt as we and the internet changes too.

    Starting an online business requires a lot of time and dedication. But it also requires you to evolve and be directed in many different ways. We need to learn and this can come from all kinds of influences. But the most important thing that I have learned on my journey so far is to try and see things as others do from the outside looking in. As you say, we are all different and we shouldn’t dwell on anything that won’t improve our lives. We have one shot at this life, may as well make it count!

  2. This community looks like it’s making a big difference in the lives of so many people. It sounds like it can help you to take that passion that you posses and turn it into a successful online business, but that you have to be willing to see that what you have to offer is worth working at. I’ve noticed on their website they really support each other. This sounds great as help can be expensive on the internet and setting up a business. I’m going to give it a go as I have been thinking of working on line for a while and now I have to just get started. Thank you Sinead,


    1. Hi Norman, and thank you for the comment. I’m delighted to hear you are getting started and please feel free to get in touch within Wealthy Affiliate. We all have to start somewhere and I feel there is no better place to begin. The support, lessons and tutorials will give you all the help to create and build a business online. Good luck and I believe you will enjoy it.



      1. Thanks for your interesting take on personal growth. The comparison you make with the creation and development of an online business is an interesting one; both are complex but achievable, challenging yet satisfying. I look forward to watching your development.

        1. Hi Kevin, and thank you for your reply. I’m glad you liked my post. We are all linked, whether it’s with people/computers/successful online businesses, so why not make comparisons. Some people find it easier to link themselves to something or someone to develop and achieve the best for themselves. I think if we take the time to reflect its easier to get direction. As you say “both are complex but achievable, challenging yet satisfying”, and nowadays it’s a lot easier to develop in person and in business if you just start linking to the positive. Here at Wealthy Affiliate the business and the people are very positive and give fantastic support for us all to develop in our own way together.
          Keep watching Kevin,

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