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 Getting yourself together with me and others at

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The world of internet marketing is like an extra ocean. It’s incredibly big and you would wonder where to start swimming in it. You don’t want to jump right into the middle of the sea or run into the cold surf,  make a big splash and gradually go under…that would be a waste.  The best way I feel is to walk on the sand for a bit, explore your interests and think of,

what stroke/niche would get you in without too much energy being used.

What current of the internet could you streamline with?

Where are you most comfortable and what/who will help you get places easily.

Be Comfortable

Who would provide the best raft foundation for you?


You don’t want to jump straight into the surf and waves you want to ride them comfortably with style and panache.


At Wealthy Affiliate, they provide the lifeboat and the stepping stones to you to get started.

 Lesson One includes

Get rolling

Understanding how to make money online

Building your own website

Setting up your own website 

Getting it ready for SEO

Finding content Ideas from keywords.

This is all taught very simply on the WA website for free.

The only thing you have to think of is your niche.

The Niche is a group of people that will be interested in your knowledge on a subject and that they will pay you for it. Or click on an add contained in your site for further information that you will get paid for if a person finds it interesting and buys a product.

The Niche can also be described as your expertise on a given subject or product. We all learn a lot in our lives and some things are more interesting to us than others depending on our personality traits and interests.

You want your niche to be something you enjoy working with and that you have a great understanding of it.

We all have many niches but to begin it is best picking one small part, similar to breaking down a lego wall built with everything you know. Then starting with one block and building up gradually again with order, advice and confidence.

For example;
I can massage a lot of different people, This is a little too broad to set up, to begin with.
I can teach massage; also a little too broad and with extra media work with videos etc to do at first,
I can use/teach how to use a massage hammer effectively … Good start but still a little complicated to begin.
I can explain what massage hammers are, how to choose one and which to use to get the best benefit of massage.

Nice small concrete and easy to write about, recommend and become an affiliate for with different companies. I can hold their adds on my site.

With my niche decided; Massage hammers

and my niche people of interest- Any people suffering muscle pain.

the rest just follows on and builds up through the lessons.

I get rolling

I get making money online

I get my website up on the internet for people to surf and learn from, like yourself 

And Wealthy Affiliate will keep me standing up surfing the internet with all their advice to

begin the foundations of a great business online.  

Then I can start developing my Massage concept further by adding new blocks to my wall of information when I wish to and also when I feel comfortable in the knowledge of doing so.

I hope you have found this page useful and feel free to comment below,

Sinead, The Massage Arroo Guroo.




2 thoughts on “Now get yourself a niche and your own wall like me at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Well, I stumbled upon your article, and I do have to say I am very intrigued. Funny, I am not sure if I am more interested in the Massage Hammer, or making money online 🙂

    It’s interesting to see how you narrow down the niche, from something broad, to something more specific. Is there a reason you need to be so specific? I would think maybe a more broad category might lead to more stuff to write about. I really like the analogy of jumping in the ocean. Internet marketing seems so vast, it’s probably best to get your feet wet first.

    1. Hi Steve and Chris and thank you for your comment, I liked your comment and both areas I’m writing about together are quite funny and probably unique. Yet both work great!

      To Answer your question, I broke down the niche to the massage hammer,to emphasize that to start with one building block is easier instead of trying to cover everything on massage at once. The task then is to expand in all directions. I find people get confused when they have too much content initially to cover. It’s best to start small and work up to create the foundations of a good and long lasting online business. I feel it is about one small step at a time rather than being overwhelmed when beginning online, with the help wealthy affiliate or otherwise . Naturally, with the title that I have picked for my website, I can develop this site in greater detail on mutitude of topics from my profession and knowledge as time goes by.

      It is good to get the feet wet first to stay comfortable. I hope I have answered your question.

      Regards Sinead.

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