Mediums for massage

Mediums for massage





Mediums can take the form of an oil, a talc or a cream. Mediums are usually chosen with preference to the client. Fragrances, aromatherapy oils etc can be added to benefit the client’s experience.These can easily be bought at reasonable prices at and some oil packages include a helpful booklet on how to use the oils..Always have previous knowledge gained before trying, as it can cause various reactions.

You can also add an oil to a cream if you wish to include a muscle rub cream into the massage. Some muscle rubs can get quite sticky on the skin and a little oil helps it to be easily absorbed.

Always check that the client isn’t allergic to what product you are going to apply as a medium.

For infants, children and the elderly it is best to choose a natural oil such as grapeseed oil, rapeseed oil, extra virgin olive, chamomile oil or coconut oil. All are very nourishing for the skin and the least amount of irritation.

For information on making your own oil and aromatherapy recipes click the oil bottles below for a great selection of ebooks and instructional recipes that are incredibly fragrant and easy to prepare.