Massage tables – How do I choose one for me.


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 Massage Tables

Which one for me?


Massage Tables come in various forms and with various prices. I suggest before you decide on which one to buy make sure to have a look at the factors below to help with your decision.



  Massage tables

The massage table has to be comfortable for the client and of course for yourself to work from.


What features are important for you and your clients?


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Client comfort


And up to what weight can the massage table hold?





Adjustable height

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Length

Adjustable head rest



Adjustable center to recline or use in sitting position

Depth and thickness of cushioning for comfort, also memory foam or normal foam?



Has it a shelf for the arms so the client can choose where arms are more comfortable?

Does it come with removable cushioning for under the head, body and knees?

Does it come with travel bag/storage bag?

Does it include oil resistant sheets or pocket to hold the oil?

1. Budget; How much are you willing to spend on a massage table?

Massage Tables come in such a vast range of prices, and with following my guidelines you will find it easier to get the best value for your budget, one you will be proud to work from.



2. Value for Money; Does it have all the options you want?

Strength, durability, comfort, adjustments, accessories and a guarantee included


Is the table easy, quick, sturdy and light weight, to set up?

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If it is a fixed table, will it fit comfortably in the room you work from?


I hope you have found this helpful, and please leave a comment below if you have any queries about purchasing a massage table.





2 thoughts on “Massage tables – How do I choose one for me.

  1. Hi Sinead
    This is a great post about different massage table types and what to consider. As someone who go for massage few times a year, I have lied down on comfortable massage tables and not-so-comfy ones too. I think the massage therapists themselves should use it themselves before letting their clients lie on it!!
    I am also a reiki therapist and have a portable one, and so far all my clients have said that it is comfortable, but if I decide to get a new one, I’ll be sure to revisit your site for ideas and inspiration!

    1. Thank you Ayako for your comment, Yes there are a lot of tables on the market and It can be difficult to choose the right one and there are great offers now. The therapists should lie on a few tables first and see which are the most comfortable, just like you would do when buying your own bed. It’s great to get a massage when the massage table is comfortable after all clients are there ‘paying’ to relax and be comfortable for an hour or so. I feel as a therapist, It is our duty to insure client comfort with your own comfort in mind too. It leads to an overall better working environment.


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