Advantages of using a massage hammer and infra red

 massage hammers Advantages of using a                          massage hammer with infrared                                                                                                                                                                               Easy to use on yourself and/or on others with my guidance


  • Very quick to relax muscle bulk

  • Breaks down lactic acid build up fast

  • Less painful that other techniques such as foam rollers. These are ideal as an after-care when the muscle is ‘relaxed and cleaned out’. No tension or lactic acid build up.

  • Available worldwide and economical

  • Portable

  • Energy saving

  • Comfortable and not personal

  • Adds variety to treatment routines

  • Clients can enjoy the vibratory massage, and feel it is helping their bodies. The feeling is gained in getting value for money and time, and a sense that actively they are achieving something.

Advantages of using infra-red

on the massage hammer


  • It has a calming effect on the sensory nerve endings

  • It has a sedative effect and enhances relaxation increasing circulation and toxin removal

  • Helps decrease muscle tension

  • Helps soften fibrous accumulations, this makes it easier and less painful for the client later as their being massaged out.

  • Deep stiff or painful muscles are eased as with an increase in blood flow inflammatory products are moved along with the toxins.

Muscle and body Maintenance


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