Effects of using a massage hammer and infra-red

 Massage hammers and infra-red have numerous effects on the body.


Here is a list of the main ones.


It Improves the figure by reaching results more swiftly, eg breaking down fatty deposits ‘cellulite’ and also fibrous and lactic acid build-up in the muscle.

It is an all over stimulation of the circulatory system increasing blood flow and in turn oxygen to feed the muscle tissues around the body.

It increases the circulation in the lymphatic system (as it doesn’t have a pump like the heart
in the circulatory system). It removes lactic acid, toxins and fluid which builds up in the body over time or after activities i.e. sports and general exercise.

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It improves the well-being of muscle without contracting it.

It Increases ‘desquamation’ which is the removal of dead skin cells from the body increasing the tone and nutrition.

Increases digestion when used on the stomach

Muscle fibers which have been shortened/hardened due to tension, are relaxed and ready for stretching to the appropriate length thus increasing flexibility.

Muscle pain is relieved.

It helps soothe nerve endings.

The massage hammer vibrations penetrate much deeper into the subcutaneous and cutaneous layers as does the Infra-red. This results in the deeper muscle being worked and not just the skin and adipose tissue(fatty tissue).

Please note: Boney areas of the body are to be avoided at all times.


Effects of using infra-red on the body with massage

It causes a rise in temperature increasing circulation, bringing nourishment to the area and aids the removal of waste products.

It helps heal damaged tissue by increasing blood flow.

Metabolism is increased within the muscle.

Soothes nerve endings and induces muscular relaxation.

It warms the area before the manual massage

It relieves pain in the joints by relaxing and heating the muscles surrounding it.


Feel good, feel on top of the world,

feel the benefits of massage and the massage hammer


2 thoughts on “Effects of using a massage hammer and infra-red

  1. Hello,

    I have looked at several devices to massage my back with and none have been like this!

    I am very intrigued by the infra-red part of the massage device. Does the infra-red have any draw backs to lots of exposure? or is it completely harmless? Also does the infra-red work well through material?

    1. Hi Tom, Thank you for your comment, This device is one of the best on the market for massage and to ease the pain in muscles.The infra red is a bonus as it heats the area and relaxes the muscle your working on which makes it a lot less painful. The infra red on these devices is not strong enough to injure yourself .It penetrates the heat into the muscle rather than overheating the surface. It works through material very well but its better on the skin. It’s completely harmless and very safe to use. It’s also very easy to use on yourself and others when you follow my upcoming tutorials.

      i hope this has been helpful Tom,


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