Contraindications to massage. When you should not give a massage .

Contraindications to massage and using the massage hammer

Good massaging gives results!
Check body before you begin!


Acute soft tissue inflammation

Open wounds

Bone and joint injuries

 Infectious diseases and disorders

Cancer patients receiving treatment

Varicose veins and a history of deep vein thrombosis

Identified lumps, skin-tags, raised moles 

Treatment of abdomen-stomach during menstruation or pregnancy. keep treatment light and controlled in this area as there is a lack of bone structures, the area has delicate structures and systems underneath (digestive and reproductive)

Treatment of extremely hairy people due to the different applicators with the massage hammer. It may cause discomfort if using if using spiky applicators where the hairs can catch or be pulled. 

Very thin clients as they would lack the subcutaneous layer of tissue (a fatty layer), and would be too thin for the hammer but not the manual massage.

History of back disc problems that may be protruding this area would be avoided.



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