Relieve muscle tension using a massage hammer.

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There was a time when you needed a special diploma in physiatrics to use machines on the body especially in businesses as I do, but nowadays with the development of products and the expansion of our internet network, we can now buy these tools from various businesses and much are open to the public.


I believe with the help of my work everyone will be able to use the tools safely and to their advantage to treat themselves and others. The most widely and versatile used tool is the massage hammer. It is my belief that this will replace the foam roller and other tools which help relax muscles in everyday life and in sport. People of all ages will be able to treat themselves and others, quickly, effectively and with fantastic pain-free results.

The massage hammer or ‘gyratory vibratory massage‘ as it was once known was used

mostly on men by female therapists in salons. It came in the form of a floor standing machine. It had different applicators which when applied provided different movements similar to those in the manual massage technique.                                                                               Naturally, the handheld massage hammer above is easier to transport if traveling to and from sporting events.It is also a lot less cumbersome to use on any area of the body.


Those being:

Effleurage – a stroking movement usually at the beginning and end of a massage.

Petrissage – a deep kneading of the muscle

Tapotement – a tapping of the muscle to increase circulation.


Nowadays we have numerous massage hammers which are on the market for anyone to buy. It’s lighter in weight and portable. If you adjust the applicator heads(if included)and altering the pressure of the movements it can be extremely successful in treating the body effectively. Some hammers also have an infra-red lamp built in which is great.


The feeling of the massage hammer on the body is different of that to a manual massage. It is vibratory due to the motor within the hammer. Most people find the sensation very relaxing, nearly hypnotic thus helping tension be released quickly. Tension is found much faster and the muscle fibers react quickly to it.


In my practice, I prefer to follow the massage hammer with a manual massage which further clears away lactic acid and tension leaving the client feeling more ‘relaxed, lighter and fresh’, as I have been told by many. Many have also seen an increase in flexibility, strength, power, endurance as well as a better recovery after exertion and an overall increase in the function of the muscles in their bodies.



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