About me

Hello Everyone,


Massage hammers are fantastic for muscle maintenance and health.

My name is Sinead and I have been a masseuse for the last 25 years. I began learning massage in Switzerland at 18 years of age and completed my first course with M.r Haka Tahir, a Master in Indonesian style relaxation and sports massage. Since then I have studied and used a variety of massage techniques. Over time I have developed my own holistic massage which encompasses all I have learned to date.

I have worked over the years with individuals and teams nationally and internationally and have massaged many athletes including cyclist, runners, swimmers, triathletes, golfers, rugby players, and footballers.

A good Massage enhances performance

I have found that clients want a massage to increase their performance as well as clearing lactic acid and tension. I also find that athletes are looking (not necessarily asking for) for a form of mental relaxation and mindfulness to feel present, strong and secure in themselves.



 Personal Strength gives your life strength

I have now developed a website where I can share what I have learned practiced and developed. I feel with our lives getting busier and sports becoming more competitive, we all need to become more aware of our own responsibility for keeping our bodies and minds in peak condition.

In this website, you can learn to do just that. You can learn the tools to attain a greater physical, psychological and spiritual harmony through relaxation and massage. Massage can be used to treat yourself or to treat others of all ages and abilities. Anyone, Anywhere!.A one stop shop for all.

I feel these techniques will help you provide the ultimate massage experience. It incorporates


(a) the safe use of the massage hammer which helps loosen the muscle bulk whilst allowing you time to get to know yourself and/or your client;


(b) hands-on relaxation and deep tissue movements where it’s needed most and


(c) ending with a clearing of negative energy and applying positive energy to the body and mind, while grounding yourself and/or your client.


Achieve balance in your life 

I feel everyone should have access to these skills and not be obstructed by time, complex coursework and money.I aim to offer help to everyone.

I am very proud of these techniques and enjoyed creating this piece of work for you to benefit from. I hope you too will attain the same sense of contentment and satisfaction when you have mastered it.


I am calling it simply

‘The Murphy Massage as this was my name when I departed on my maiden voyage. It seems appropriate too, as I have massaged so many Irish people over the years,(related to me or not!) and over the globe who all have constructed, created, competed, and cared for not just themselves but for others too.

I’m delighted and excited to be able to share this with you due to all the help I have received and still receiving from Kyle and Carson at http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com. Not only am I a work in progress but my website is too. if you wish to give it a go too, Don’t forget to get in touch and I can provide help and guidance as with so many others there. My personal profile address is below.

Mile Buiochas,