Massage technology with ‘Tenderology’

Understanding ‘Tenderology’

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to write a little on a term or phrase that does not exist yet; ‘Tenderology’. I love this word. I think it’s fun. I’ve made up. I do believe it’s a powerful word and I hope you like it too.


‘Tenderology’ to me is a universal word which describes showing tenderness with people, animals and products to understand them better so they can work together in a cohesive manner. I feel we need this ‘word’ in today’s society to remind us to slow down or be mindful( as some would say) to understand. Once we understand a process, a method,  ourselves or another person we are then able to connect and act in a calm coordinated manner. This, in turn, brings positive, productive and prosperous results.


Time for understanding can be easy

I believe I have had to practice the ‘Art of Tenderology’ to get where I am today and I still need to use it every day in certain things I do. I use it here on this website to learn and understand all about computers and the internet with the help of and I use it in my profession as a masseuse, to understand and help all kinds of people who suffer pain, be it Physiological, Psychological or Social.


Myself and Skyeblue
Understanding; What’s it all about?

When practicing ‘The Art of Tenderology’, I feel, I’m being more effective and happy in the things I do in everyday life. It makes life very simple.  I gain confidence and knowledge in anything I need to know and I can deliver this to my clients or anyone who wishes to be rid of their pain.  Everyone benefits.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I will build on this as I progress.



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