Massaging your mind with new technology, welcome to the Elf Emmit.

The Elf Emmit

Modern age technology for the Mind


What is it?….The ELF emmit is a simple band that when put on your head uses non-invasive and patented technology know as Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMS) to stimulate or relax the brain according to your needs.


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Sleek and comfortable

How does it work?… The Elf emmit connects to your phone and using a downloadable app you can control the electro-vibrations or rhythm’s through the headband to enhance the features of your mind.

When can you use it?….It can be used when awake or asleep to perform various functions and learning outcomes by stimulating or quietening the mind.  It is believed to help;


to induce a relaxing deep sleep,

to enhance memory function,

to improve your form of meditation,

to improve concentration and the ability to learn,

to promote a feeling of wellbeing and reduce stress,

to enhance your control of your brain and to create an awareness of how your mind functions when stressed or tired.

Elf emmit draws upon the medical knowledge of the frequencies at which our brain works in different states of mind and encourages them to function at those exact frequencies. Elf emmit doesnot require FDA approval, as its not considered a medical device but the scientificon which it is based,pulsed electro magnetic therapy(PMT) is FDA approved.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is not new to our bodies, we commonly use it in the treatment of muscle tension, toning, rehabilitation or contractions during labour with the use of the Tens machine. It helps the stressed muscles to develop a natural rhythm to work and to heal effectively.

The Elf emmit has the following modes built into the app;


Sleep mode; enhances relaxation to slow and calm the mind down to relax into a deep sleep so that you wake up refreshed.

Antistress mode; this is ideal if your mind is unable to slow down using your own abilities after the day’s activities. It helps you focus on clearing out the unnecessary thoughts which may keep your mind too active at the wrong time of day.

Concentrate mode; this enables the mind to focus and retain information, It also helps memory and recall functions. A calm mind makes better decisions and is quicker at problem-solving skills.

Meditate mode; helps to block out external noise and enables the mind to perform and learn the meditative tools to mindfulness.This can be done anywhere.

Deep learning mode; increases your concentration levels which in turn increases your ability to retain the knowledge learned.



From reports that I have read the Elf emmit is an interesting supplementary therapeutic approach to help reduce anxiety and de-stress generally. As with all approaches, you need to try this yourself to see if it works for you.


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Massage technology with ‘Tenderology’

Understanding ‘Tenderology’

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to write a little on a term or phrase that does not exist yet; ‘Tenderology’. I love this word. I think it’s fun. I’ve made up. I do believe it’s a powerful word and I hope you like it too.


‘Tenderology’ to me is a universal word which describes showing tenderness with people, animals and products to understand them better so they can work together in a cohesive manner. I feel we need this ‘word’ in today’s society to remind us to slow down or be mindful( as some would say) to understand. Once we understand a process, a method,  ourselves or another person we are then able to connect and act in a calm coordinated manner. This, in turn, brings positive, productive and prosperous results.


Time for understanding can be easy

I believe I have had to practice the ‘Art of Tenderology’ to get where I am today and I still need to use it every day in certain things I do. I use it here on this website to learn and understand all about computers and the internet with the help of and I use it in my profession as a masseuse, to understand and help all kinds of people who suffer pain, be it Physiological, Psychological or Social.


Myself and Skyeblue
Understanding; What’s it all about?

When practicing ‘The Art of Tenderology’, I feel, I’m being more effective and happy in the things I do in everyday life. It makes life very simple.  I gain confidence and knowledge in anything I need to know and I can deliver this to my clients or anyone who wishes to be rid of their pain.  Everyone benefits.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I will build on this as I progress.



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Let’s get massaging and get Connecting…